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Mortgage and divorce: Buying out your spouse

With divorce, one of the biggest questions is how you should handle the family home. Certainly, the easiest route for a lot of couples is to sell the house. They try to get as much money out of it as they can, they split up that money and they are both free to seek new, post-divorce housing options.

What science tells us about predicting divorce

Nothing can predict divorce 100% of the time. You can find couples with all of the red flags and warning signs who, for one reason or another, decide that they're still going to stay together. You can also find couples who seem headed for divorce and then manage to turn the relationship around.

Get help when divorcing an abusive spouse

Unfortunately, domestic violence and abuse darken the lives of many California couples. After trying to remedy the abuse alone or after seeking professional help to no avail, divorce may seem like the only way out. However, in most situations, divorce may be as dangerous as staying in an abusive marriage.

The basics of preparing for your California divorce

For most people, divorce is one of the most dreaded events they will ever experience. Even when the couple wants nothing more than to end the marriage, divorce itself is typically unwelcome. The amount of time it takes to divorce combined with its negative emotional elements makes nearly everyone dread getting started. The most typical emotional reactions arising during divorce include:

A look at the grounds for divorce in California

Each state in our nation has different laws for getting a divorce. In most cases, these different state laws are very similar to one another, but it is still wise to learn the law when divorcing. If you have never divorced before, you might benefit from finding out what the grounds for divorce are in your state. In this post, we will talk about the grounds upon which California spouses can seek to end their marriages.

Are you having problems with your ex regarding these issues?

When you decided to file for divorce in a California court, you understood that your decision meant that life for you and your children would never be the same. You were quite hopeful, however, that you would be able to move on to a new lifestyle that would still include healthy living routines, family customs and all the things you consider important for your kids.

How should you tell your kids about the divorce?

As a parent, you take on the responsibility and the challenge of finding the best way to guide your children through difficult situations. Even though you may have the ability to help your kids through predicaments that seem huge to them but minor to you, some issues can have significant burdens on everyone involved. One of those major issues relates to telling your children that their parents have chosen to end their marriage.

Collaborative divorce: keeping it out of the courtroom

A lot of divorces involve lengthy court battles and adversarial attitudes. Couples may not realize that they have the option of avoiding court altogether. A method called collaborative divorce allows the divorcing spouses, with the help of a small team of third-party members, to discuss and reach agreements about matters like property division and child custody.

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