Being The Legal Guardian Of A Minor Child

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Understanding Your Role As The Guardian

Sometimes, parents may become unfit to raise their child for a variety of reasons, such as severe financial struggles, drug addictions or alcohol abuse. When this happens, another adult may step in to serve as the minor’s legal guardian, ensuring that he or she continues growing up in a safe and healthy environment where he or she feels supported. This person can be another relative.

When considering becoming a legal guardian, you should take note of the responsibilities the role entails, many of which include:

  • Providing a place for the child to live
  • Providing food and clothing for the child
  • Making decisions about education and health care for the child

By committing to these responsibilities, you are assured by your ability to provide and prioritize the child’s overall well-being. At the same time, it is important to distinguish guardianship rights from parenting rights, such as those of adoption or of custody. As a guardian, you are expected to make legal decisions that protect the child’s best interests, but you will not be considered the child’s parent.

Terminating An Existing Guardianship

In California, a child is no longer considered a minor once he or she reaches the age of 18. This means that guardianship can be terminated at this age. However, if the court rules that the child may still be in need of care and support, guardianship may be continued for as long as necessary or as desired. It is also possible to replace an existing guardianship with a new one, if the child’s interests are better met by someone else.

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