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Over the course of your marriage, you may have grown accustomed to a certain standard of living that was easily afforded through shared income. Now that you and your spouse are parting ways, it is likely that the separation of your incomes will affect your lifestyle. If your divorce could cause you financial strain, you may be entitled to spousal support or alimony.

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Attaining Spousal Support In California

We know that every divorce comes with unique financial needs, and we are prepared to help you transition into your post-marital lifestyle as smoothly as possible.

Spousal support or alimony serves to ensure that no party in a divorce faces severe financial strain as a result of losing shared marital income. It can also be used to cover a spouse’s financial needs even before the divorce has been finalized.

How much spousal support you are entitled to is determined by numerous factors, including:

  • The standard of living you were used to during your marriage
  • The length of your marriage
  • Your and your spouse’s incomes, as well as your earning abilities
  • Whether you have any severe medical conditions

Your financial needs not only determine how much you receive, but also for how long you receive payments for. There are various types of spousal support to fit different needs, and the court will issue orders on which you are entitled to. The possibilities include:

  • Temporary spousal support: Payments made throughout the divorce, until it is finalized
  • Permanent spousal support: Payments sustained for an indefinite amount of time, and terminated when the receiving partner has passed away or remarried
  • Rehabilitative spousal support: Payments made until the receiving spouse is able to support him or herself

With so many reasons to qualify for spousal support in California, you need an experienced attorney to review your unique financial circumstances, and who can keep you informed on your options for feeling supported.

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