Is your spouse a narcissist? 4 signs to watch

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2023 | Divorce |

A narcissistic personality disorder is a mental health condition that leads people to have a high sense of importance over themselves. It’s commonly believed that narcissists are overly drawn to their physical image, but it’s also the idealized image of themselves they have in their minds. 

A narcissist by themselves may be tolerable, but narcissists in relationships can lead to unhealthy and unhappy marriages. Your marriage may be struggling because your spouse is a narcissist. How can you tell? Here are several signs that may indicate your spouse is a narcissist

1. High self-importance

As mentioned above, narcissists often have an inflated sense of self-importance. In their mind, they’re likely the center of the universe. They may believe that everything should be about them and, if it’s not, will be somehow. A relationship could struggle because it seems as if a spotlight is always on the narcissistic spouse. 

2. Entitlement 

Another sign of narcissism is entitlement. A narcissist may feel as if they have a right to do what they wish for when they want it or have what they want their way. In a relationship, for example, a narcissist may believe that their spouse should attend to their every need, often giving nothing in return. If life doesn’t work out their way, then a narcissist may make a big show of their emotions.

3. Manipulation

Narcissists are often good at manipulating and controlling others. They may seem cheery and cooperative at first, but their needs will eventually come first by any means necessary. One way narcissists manipulate people is by distancing people and controlling information. Some narcissists will even create distance between their spouse and their spouse’s friends as a form of control.

4. Lacking empathy

Empathy gives people the ability to step out of their shoes and into others. This helps people understand what others may need or want. A narcissist may lack empathy, which can make it hard for them to admit when they’re at fault. A relationship with a narcissist, as a result of their lack of empathy, can be one-sided. 

If your marriage is struggling and you believe it’s because your spouse is a narcissist, then it could benefit you to learn about what legal options are available when seeking a divorce.