5 tips for a non-contentious divorce

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Divorce can be a challenging and emotional process for everyone involved, but it doesn’t have to be contentious. When both parties can focus on keeping things low-stress, there’s a good chance that this goal can be achieved.

Working as a team with your ex might not be on the top of your list of things to do during divorce, but it can help you to get things handled faster and more fairly. Consider these tips to help you throughout the process.

Tip #1: Communicate openly and honestly

Good communication is essential for a non-contentious divorce. Both parties should be willing to express their feelings and concerns and listen to each other’s perspectives. By keeping lines of communication open and respectful, you may be able to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary conflict.

Tip #2: Choose a collaborative approach

Individuals who are committed to a non-contentious divorce should consider using a collaborative approach to the process. This involves working professionals to reach a mutually agreeable resolution without going to court. Remember, exercising respect throughout the process can help to make it progress smoothly.

Tip #3: Prioritize the needs of children

If you have children, their needs should be the top priority. Working together to create a co-parenting plan that reflects the best interests of the children should happen as soon as possible. This agreement can include arrangements for custody, parenting time and other consequential issues.

Tip #4: Focus on the big picture

It’s easy to get caught up in the details of a divorce, but people who are committed to a non-contentious divorce should focus on the big picture. This means prioritizing the things that are the most important for the situation.

Tip #5: Be willing to compromise

A non-contentious divorce requires both parties to be willing to compromise. This means being open to alternative solutions and finding ways to meet each other’s needs without sacrificing their own. By working together to find creative solutions, it might be possible to avoid unnecessary conflict and reach a resolution that works for everyone.

The priority for most people who are going through a divorce is getting it over with as quickly as possible. Non-contentious divorce is typically the fastest and least stressful option for those who are willing and able to work together.