Maintaining your bond with your kids post-divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Custody And Parenting Time |

Despite your best efforts, you and your former spouse just couldn’t make the relationship work. Divorce was the only option left, and that’s the road you have gone down. Thankfully, you settled matters fairly amicably and a child custody arrangement has been put in place. 

During the marriage, you always had a strong bond with your kids, and this is something that you’d like to continue. Outlined below are a few practical tips for ensuring that this happens. 

Make your home their home  

It just wasn’t feasible for you to stay in the family home so you’ve found your own place. You want your kids to feel as comfortable as possible in this house as they do in the original family home. The last thing you want is for them to feel like they are visiting an unfamiliar place week in and week out. 

One thing you can do is to let them put their own stamp on the place. If you have the space, then give them their own room. This way, they can decorate it to their own taste and keep some of their cherished possessions there. Perhaps decorating the room together would be a fun activity you could all do together as a family.

Participate in shared interests 

One concern of yours is post-divorce finances. Without your spouse’s income, you just don’t have the same level of cash to spend on fancy gifts and expensive days out. The good news is that your child probably doesn’t care about expensive items or outings. 

They’re far more interested in doing fun activities that don’t cost much at all. Like you did as a child, they enjoy soccer. All you need to do this together is a ball and some green space. 

With communication and cooperation, you and your ex can have a successful co-parenting relationship that benefits your children. Seeking some legal guidance while going through your divorce can help with this.