Make transition days easier on your children

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Children who are used to having both of their parents in the same home may have trouble adjusting to having two homes. One day that they might dread is transition day. This is partially because they’re going to miss the parent they’re leaving even though they’re excited to spend time with the parent they’re going to. It’s also partially because they may think their parents will argue.

Both parents should do what they can to make these transition days as easy as possible on the children. Consider instituting these guidelines:

Bring the child to the other parent

Instead of having the parent who’s getting the child pick them up, have the parent who has the child bring them to the other parent. This gives the child a transition period before they switch parents. This is especially helpful for younger children who will begin to associate the ride with being able to see their other parent.

Avoid contentious discussions

Anything that might lead to a battle between you and your ex shouldn’t be discussed when the child is moving from one parent to the other. Instead, talk about those things when the child isn’t around. This helps them feel more secure because they don’t see the arguing.

Getting the parenting plan together as quickly as possible can help everyone involved. This gives the parents a firm plan to follow, which enables them to help the children get accustomed to how things will be living in two homes. These plans should be customized to what the children need, so it might take some creative thinking to get everything together. Having experienced legal guidance will help you as you negotiate the terms of your parenting plan.