What should you take into account when picking your child’s guardian?

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Nobody wants to think about the idea that their child might grow up without them — but it happens. A car accident, a fatal illness and other situations could take you away from them. 

Every parent should designate someone to be their child’s guardian if they should die or become incapacitated — but picking the right person can be very difficult. 

What attributes should your child’s guardian have?

Ideally, you want to pick a guardian who is financially stable. You also want to pick someone whose life is compatible with the idea of raising a child or children. Someone who doesn’t like to be tied down to one spot or someone who has no time for parenting would be a bad choice.

Any prospective guardian should be younger and in good health, as your child doesn’t need to undergo another transition in their life because their guardian falls ill or dies. While grandparents can still be a good choice, it may be better to choose an aunt or uncle who is younger.

The person you suggest for the guardian role should have time to dedicate to your child. If they have their own kids, they should be similarly aged to your own and get along well. They should also have a similar parenting style and religious preferences to you. 

What to know about the guardianship process

Any judge is likely to conduct their own investigation into any guardian that you recommend to the court before placing your child with them. Please continue reading about the guardianship process as described on our website to learn more.