Should a divorcing couple include discipline in a parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2021 | Custody And Parenting Time |

It is not uncommon for divorcing parents to become overwhelmed with the process. From the financial turmoil caused by the division of assets and decisions about debt responsibility to physical changes including child custody and relocation, the parents must account for countless factors. Unfortunately, many parents can become mired in details as they attempt to determine what should and should not be included in the parenting plan.

While the parenting plan can be revised based on the changing needs of the child, many parents will attempt to avoid as many future arguments as possible in the creation of a comprehensive parenting plan. Provisions can be written to include:

  • Discipline: While the parents cannot account for every type of infraction or punishment, they can agree on numerous factors such as how the discipline is communicated, how discipline will be accomplished after the custody exchange and what type of discipline is off-limits.
  • Body modifications: As the child ages, he or she will likely want to express their growing individuality through physical changes. These changes can include tattoos, piercings, dyed hair or other body modifications. In the parenting plan, the parents can discuss what types of modifications might be acceptable and how decisions will be made in the future.
  • Screen time: It would be impossible to account for a child’s changing attitudes when writing the parenting plan, but it is possible to decide how certain decisions can be made. Additionally, determining how communication is handled is key to preventing differences from one household to another.

Divorcing parents can make the plan as general or detailed as they are comfortable with. It is wise to include numerous provisions for discipline, child rearing and holiday schedules that could eliminate arguments and heated debates regarding child custody matters in the future.