Specific advantages of collaborative divorce

by | May 19, 2021 | Divorce |

Partnership in marriage, partnership in divorce. Seems strange putting the two phrases together. However, in collaborative divorce, separating spouses continue to partner in working through the dissolution of their marriage. Together, they negotiate on matters from division of assets and child custody to child and spousal support in an open discussion focused on solving problems.

There are so many advantages when subscribing to this divorce approach. For example, it saves time and money. And while avoiding litigation, the courtroom and a judge, you also may minimize the stress, tensions and conflict that often surface.

Separating spouses in control of outcome

In a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse lead the discussions. No mediator is present, but you each work alongside respective attorneys. And these attorneys must have completed specialized training in the methods of collaborative divorce. They provide insight and guidance when needed.

You are staying civil and staying out of the courtroom. Advantages of a collaborative divorce include:

  • Since this approach is more private, each of you should be comfortable.
  • Convenience is a key since there are no courts schedules or hearing cancellations.
  • In collaborating, you remain in control of the outcome through the negotiations. You and your separated spouse have a direct say as to what will happen.
  • Open and honest discussions mean no hidden agendas. Civil behavior often is one of the results.
  • Saves time because you are not dealing with a mediator or judge.
  • Saves money by avoiding litigation and the costs that come with it.

Levels of anxiety should be kept to a minimum in collaborative divorce. You and your spouse continue to work together, but this time to come up with an agreement regarding your divorce.