Is your marriage heading for divorce?

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When a marriage is in a bad spot, it can be hard for a couple to recognize the relationship is in danger of ending. Being unable to spot signs of a divorce is troublesome, as, by the time a spouse realizes the issue, it may be too late to fix the relationship.

Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. Whether a spouse wants to prepare for a divorce or work to reconcile their differences, they first need to be able to identify signs of a marriage in trouble. Here are five common signs a marriage may be heading for a divorce:

Prolonged unhappiness

It is usual for spouses to experience periods of unhappiness or dissatisfaction with one another. Still, if these feelings last for months or years, there may be a more serious issue at hand. Recognizing the difference between a “bad patch” and a severe problem can give you an advantage in solving the issue.

Major arguments over minor issues

When either spouse harbors resentment toward the other for a long time, fear resentment can appear in everyday interactions. When a minor issue like forgetting to replace the toilet paper turns into an explosive argument, and situations like this are growing more common every day, it could be a sign of something worse coming.

Concerned friends and family

If other family members or friends often ask you questions about your marriage, like if you are still happy in it or why you don’t just leave, they may be able to see something that you cannot. An outside perspective can make the difference in whether or not you recognize a serious issue.

Avoiding your spouse

If you find yourself avoiding your spouse, either by spending most of your day in separate rooms from them, staying in the car after coming home for longer than you need to, or finding any small excuse to get out of the house, there may be a reason for it.

A drastic change in intimacy

People can often recognize a dead love life as a sign of marriage and trouble, but the opposite may also be just as true. Suppose one spouse suddenly begins increasing the frequency of intimate encounters. In that case, they may be doing so out of guilt of having an affair, or they may be trying to spring something they learned from another partner into your bedroom.

Do not ignore the signs

If you suspect that you see red flags in your marriage, know that ignoring them will not make them go away. Take action immediately to either repair the relationship or prepare for separation by consulting with an experienced family law attorney.