How to present the right image at your virtual divorce hearing

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The Internet abounds with articles telling you how to dress for a divorce hearing. With many divorce hearings now being held online, however, there are additional factors to take into consideration.

As you prepare for your virtual meeting with a judge over Skype, Zoom or some other platform, here are some things to keep in mind.

Image is still important in an online divorce hearing

People like to read meaning into how you present yourself. Here are some things you need to consider as you get ready for a hearing:

  • How to dress: Traditionally, the advice was to dress for your divorce meeting like you would for a business meeting. Many people are opting to wear something a little less formal when they have a virtual court appearance. Smart but comfortable clothing is fine. You want to be presentable, however, so check your appearance in a mirror before you start.
  • Where to be: You must have a quiet place with a reliable internet signal. You need it to be free of distractions too. Consider renting a meeting room for a few hours. Alternatively, your attorney might be willing to host you in a spare room in their office. If you do need to stay at home, pay attention to the backdrop and lighting. Surroundings that seem neat, clean and organized can help present the idea that you are a capable parent and an organized adult.
  • Who is with you: You absolutely do not want your children around when you are in a hearing. Aside from the distraction, you should never lose sight of the fact that a divorce deals with sensitive issues. Hire a sitter or ask a friend or relative to keep the kids for a few hours.

Divorce hearings, whether in person or online, are a significant life event. Your future could rely on what happens during that meeting, so speak with your attorney in advance to prepare and ask any important questions.