Ending a marriage with love: “Honey, let’s get a divorce.”

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Often, divorce is portrayed as something that happens to two people who no longer get along. They are definitely not in love. They fight and argue constantly. They may act more like enemies than friends. There are plenty of bitter feelings, even after the divorce process is over. 

But this isn’t always how it happens. You may be wondering if people who get divorced still love each other while they do it, and it certainly does happen. 

You can love someone and realize that you still shouldn’t be married to each other

One couple described having to make a difficult choice. They loved each other, but they were not compatible and, as they put it, they were not in love anymore. They still cared about each other. They loved their child. From the outside, their life looked perfect. But they knew it wasn’t, and they eventually ended the marriage so that they could both be happy. 

One way that this could happen, for instance, is if one partner has hobbies that take up a lot of time and the other partner does not enjoy them. That person may feel left out and alone. When they’re with their partner, they still feel like they’re in love, but they eventually have to realize that something must change. They can’t be happy being on their own so much, and they don’t want to force the other person to change who they are, so they seek a divorce even though they wish the relationship could work. 

Considering your options for a peaceful divorce

No matter where you are in your relationship, you absolutely need to know what options you have and what legal steps to take if it’s time for a change. Divorce doesn’t have to be an antagonistic process. You and your spouse can end your marriage in a positive way. An experienced attorney can help you through the next steps.