Can a divorce actually be good for my kids?

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Many people in unhappy marriages delay or resist divorce because they believe that it will negatively affect their children. Therefore, they may choose to stay in an unhappy or even toxic situation because they believe that their sacrifice will benefit their children in the long run. However, in doing so they are not considering the fact that children can also be negatively affected by their parents’ unhappiness and adversity toward one another.

If you are unsure of whether to file for divorce and you are mainly hesitant to file because of the impact that it may have on your children and your relationship with them, the following are some reasons why getting a divorce could actually be good for your children.

They will no longer be exposed to conflict

If your relationship is a high-conflict one, staying together will undoubtedly be doing your children more harm than good. Children can be deeply affected by seeing their parents arguing on a regular basis. Getting a divorce may mean that you are able to get along better for the sake of your children.

They may spend more quality time with each parent

Shared custody agreements are more popular than ever, and are shown to be beneficial for the children. Children may experience more one-on-one time with each parent, and more quality time, too. This will mean that they feel more secure, loved and supported by each parent, which is conducive to their personal development and emotional growth.

Happy parents make better parents

It’s challenging to be the best parent you can be when you are deeply unhappy. You should never feel selfish for striving for your own personal happiness, because being happy and fulfilled will make you a better parent overall.

If you feel stuck in an unhappy relationship, consider the divorce and child custody options that could be available to you.