Can a divorce lawyer help me find hidden assets?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2019 | Property Division |

In a best-case California divorce scenario, both spouses remain honest about their assets and their liabilities. Such honesty means that each spouse receives a fair share of assets in the final property settlement. Unfortunately, divorce can bring out the worst behavior in people and honesty may fall by the wayside.

Some spouses, both male and female, may attempt to keep some assets out of the divorce. There are many ways in which someone can try to hide money, real estate and other items of significant material value. A spouse may have opened a new bank account in which to hide cash. Another way of hiding assets involves using Bitcoin accounts and other forms of cryptocurrency.

Fortunately, there is always an evidence trail to follow in these cases. An experienced divorce attorney has already developed techniques useful in locating hidden assets. For example, a lawyer can study the couple’s bank statements to locate unusual transfers or withdrawals. If the attorney discovers such activities, it may indicate an attempt to hide property.

From there, you and your attorney can make a formal request for additional financial information. At this point, it would be quite difficult for someone to continue hiding money or property successfully. This is because formal proceedings discourage unscrupulous parties from continuing to lie. The stakes are high for the dishonest party because he or she will typically face harsh consequences if their actions come to light.

Divorce is difficult enough without having to worry about hidden assets. If you suspect your spouse is engaging in such activities, you have the right to seek the answers you need. The role a divorce lawyer fills in these cases is critical because it preserves your right to a fair property settlement.