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Biological fathers have rights in a California adoption

For many pregnant women, the adoption of their infant is the best way to ensure that the child will have a loving and caring childhood. While it is typically a difficult decision to make, mothers who consent to adoption are acting in the best interests of the child.

What does life after divorce look like?

You probably already know that getting a divorce comes with big changes. Many people are particularly concerned about their finances after a divorce. It is a costly process and there’s a good chance you will be in a new financial situation after your divorce is finalized. These changes can be scary and you might not know what to expect.

Is your teen asking to move in with your ex?

Since the divorce, your California family has gone through many changes. With you having primary physical custody, your child enjoyed as much stability as possible. You tried to keep a consistent routine and maintain boundaries your child could understand and thrive within. It was not always easy, and your child may be showing the normal signs of restlessness and rebellion upon reaching the teen years.

How much can I expect my child to understand about divorce?

As you first tell your child about divorce and as you have ongoing conversations about divorce, it can be helpful to address your child’s concerns without talking over his or her head. Your child’s development will affect how much he or she will understand about divorce, so it can be helpful to know what children at various developmental stages typically understand.

How do courts handle debt in a California divorce?

As you may know, California is one of several community property states. Under community property laws, courts presume that married couples jointly own the property they have accumulated while married. With this in mind, courts seek to divide assets as equally and as fairly as possible during the property division part of a divorce. Community property also means that courts divide the debts a couple accumulates in a similar manner.

Keeping the peace during your kids' summer break

You may be one of many California parents who look forward to the end of the school year. Summer break means you no longer have to hustle your kids through a stressful morning getting them off to the bus or fight with them in the evening to complete their homework and study for tests. Even if you still have activities planned for your children, there is something less anxious about the summer months.

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