Uncontested divorces prove beneficial for many

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2019 | Divorce |

Oftentimes the reality of a divorce makes a person want to “delete” the soon-to-be ex from their life entirely and move on as quickly as possible. There’s something about scouring through the house and physically removing any reminders of your relationship. It often feels healing to clear out your space (and hopefully your mind) of the other person.

Uncontested divorces are appealing to couples who wish to have the fastest ending to their marriage relationship. There are different ways to approach a divorce, but when you know there is nothing you want to fight about in court, an uncontested divorce may be the answer. Going through a divorce doesn’t have to be long and drawn out, or expensive. In fact, it could be the exact opposite.


Uncontested divorces are known to be the most cost-effective answer to legally dissolving a marriage. Both parties agree to shake hands and part ways. Legal papers are filed and signed, and minimal amounts of processing fees and retainers are collected. Financial hardships disrupt the peace of mind of many divorcing couples. However, if you are both in agreement about what you want to take and/or leave behind, you are able to peacefully walk away without a costly battle.


Uncontested divorces are by nature faster than any other type of divorce. You and your ex may discuss and decide on all the details related to your divorce and agree to cooperate with the court for the result you’re seeking. Uncontested divorces often bypass the many hurdles that regular divorces spend many months and years trying to cross.

Divorce is one of the toughest life experiences no matter what the details include. If you can spare yourself the emotional and financial heartache that accompanies many divorces, then your recovery will be greater. You shouldn’t suffer any more than you must. There are many resources to help you through this time.