California makes the top 20 for best places to raise a family

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Parents can face various challenges when it comes to raising their family. What challenges may by particularly likely to come up depends on many things, including where a family lives. Different locations vary greatly when it comes to the many factors that touch on raising a family.

This can be seen in a recent set of rankings by WalletHub. In these rankings, the states were compared in five different categories of factors connected to raising a family. The categories were family fun, health & safety, education & child care, affordability and socio-economics. In addition to getting a rank in each individual category, each state was also given an overall rank.

How did California do in the report? It did relatively well, getting an overall rank that cracked the top 20. Specifically, it was ranked the 19th best state to raise a family.

Here’s how California was ranked in the five categories:

  • Family Fun – No. 1
  • Affordability – No. 14
  • Socio-economics – No. 30
  • Health & safety – No. 35
  • Education & child care – No. 44

So, the only category in which California was in the bottom 10 in the nation was education & child care. This would suggest that education and child care may be areas where it can be particularly common for families to face challenges here in California.

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