Keep your kids in mind during the divorce process

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Child custody, asset division, spousal support and emotional turmoil are just a few of the many aspects people have to consider and deal with during a divorce and it is easy for people to get overwhelmed. It is no secret going through a divorce is hard on the people involved, but what about the kids?

A divorce can be just as difficult for children as it is for adults. That is why it is important to be conscious about your kids’ feelings, thoughts and emotions during this time. How can parents be aware and considerate of their children’s mental and emotional state during their divorce?

What do kids think?

When a parent is caught up in a divorce, it can be hard to tell what their children are thinking or feeling. Sometimes children will not want to tell their parents what they truly feel about a divorce. While no two situations are alike, there are some common emotions children can have about their parents’ divorce. Some kids might dislike the constant custody changes, lack of family unity or heightened emotions that come with a divorce.

For example, if your divorce is particularly contentious, your kids might feel neglected or angry about the new situations in the family.

However, there is no sure way to tell how your kids feel about your divorce, unless you talk to them yourself. It may help to have a calm, serious conversation with your kids about the situation so you can get an idea of what they are thinking and feeling.

How can parents help?

After you know how your kids feel, you will want to consider this information when going through the divorce process. By keeping your children’s emotions and feelings in mind, you can figure out how to navigate your divorce while decreasing the stress on your children.

There are a few other ways you can make this process easier for your children, too:

  • Break the news about your divorce to your children together
  • Be honest about the situation and answer their questions
  • Create a parenting plan and schedule as quickly as possible
  • Reassure your children that you will always be there for them

Though there is no way to completely avoid the emotional toll of divorce on you or your children, these are a few tips you can use in order to decrease it. As a parent, your children’s needs are important, especially during a divorce and you want to make sure they are healthy and happy, even under these circumstances.