How to divorce when you both cannot afford separate residences

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You and your spouse want out of your marriage, but the cost of living in Sonoma County is getting more ridiculous by the day. You could always leave the area, but that would make things hard at work or with your children. How can you get divorced if you and your spouse cannot afford your own separate residences?

While the typical divorce involves each party moving out of the marital home and moving on, in today’s economic climate, that is not always doable. Couples are looking for other ways to get the divorces that they want while not ending up in serious debt. One option for those who think they can make it work is to keep living together during and after the divorce. How can people survive such a living arrangement?

Identify personal spaces

When living with an ex-spouse, having personal space is a must to make it work. You and your ex can each identify a room that is yours and yours alone – usually a bedroom, that the other party is not permitted to enter. This gives you both a place you can go to get away from each other and take care of yourselves.

Along with that, establish a routine. This way you can limit contact with each other as much as possible.

Discuss shared expenses

When still living together, there are going to be a lot of shared expenses. It is necessary to determine how much each party is responsible for every month as well spell out the particulars for how those expenses are to get paid. Along with figuring out shared expenses, it is good to make a personal financial plan that will benefit you as you move forward.

Determine acceptable forms of communication

Not all divorced or divorcing couples can talk to each other without fighting, but if you keep living together, being able to talk about certain things is a must. If you and your ex cannot communicate well, you may need to identify an alternative way to communicate with each other.

It won’t last forever

This kind of living arrangement is not intended to be a permanent solution. Just keep that in mind as you work toward saving for your own place.

The financial aspect of getting a divorce often makes couples put off ending their marriages. The truth is money is not a reason to stay in a marriage. There are ways to make divorce work even when money is tight. This living solution is just one option that may ease financial stress while transitioning from married to single life.