Are you worried about negative reactions to your divorce?

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After making the decision to end your marriage, you may feel as if you need to keep the news to yourself. This type of situation tends to gain negative attention, and you may fear that family members, friends or other parties will potentially make you feel bad about your choice. However, divorce does not have to live up to the negative stigma that society often places on it.

The manner in which you view your situation can have a considerable impact on yourself and your proceedings. Therefore, you may wish to try to focus on positive aspects of the life change and find support from trusted individuals.

Have you failed?

One of the biggest issues you may deal with at the beginning of your divorce process may relate to feeling like a failure. You may consider or feel that others will consider the end of your marriage as a failed relationship or that you wasted the years you spent with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. However, divorce does not have to fall into the category of failure. In fact, if your marriage was particularly toxic, choosing to end the relationship may actually act as an accomplishment in your life.

Are your friends really friends?

No matter the reason for the divorce, the situation can still prove emotionally taxing. As a result, you will certainly hope to gain support from your loved ones. However, as mentioned, you may fear that they will react negatively to your news. Rather than allowing those individuals to make you feel badly, you may wish to consider whether those “friends” have a place in your life. Their lack of support may indicate a lack of caring for you and allow you to purge more toxic relationships from your life.

Is the end a new beginning?

Though you may loathe clichés — especially during difficult times of your life — the notion that every ending is a new beginning could apply to your divorce. Rather than dwelling on the difficulties you faced in your relationship and how the marriage did not work out, you may want to focus on how you can improve your life as a single person. You may have the ability to grow in ways that were not possible as a result of your marriage.

Are you ready to move forward?

Though the potential for negative reactions to your divorce news may have you feeling apprehensive about the process, you may wish to remain focused on your need and desire to end the relationship. By feeling confident in your decision, you may feel more in control. Additionally, having the right information regarding your divorce process could also help you better address your situation.