Answering Your Support Questions

When two parents end their relationship, child custody and child support are two of the biggest issues that they will need to resolve. Likewise, when a couple goes through a divorce, spousal support and child support will be important matters that they will have to discuss as part of the process.

For those with child support concerns, the laws regarding support in California are established by very specific guidelines that examine the income of the parties and the amount of time that the child spends with each parent. In spousal support, the courts may consider various factors to determine if an award is appropriate in that divorce.

At Kathleen J. Smith, Attorney at Law, our lawyers have over 20 years of combined legal experience with family law cases, including both child and spousal support concerns. We know the factors that we must establish to demonstrate our client's needs. You can rely upon us to work diligently to establish or contest support in your case.

How We Can Help You

Our attorneys will meet with you to find out more about your situation. We want to be able to understand the situation so we can determine the best steps to take for you. Once we know more about you, we will explain how the law may apply to your case, and how we can help you achieve the result that you are seeking. We help with many different issues related to support matters, including:

  • Establishing initial child support amounts using California's support guidelines
  • Helping parties who are requesting or contesting an award of spousal support
  • Modification or termination of previous child or spousal support payments

In both spousal and child support matters, there will be attempts by one of the parties to hide or conceal income. They hope that you will not know what sort of money they have, and will accept the information that they provide to you about their current financial situation.

Our lawyers have extensive experience investigating and challenging the income statements provided by the parties in these cases. Having handled many support cases throughout our legal careers, we know how to get an accurate determination of the income of each party in order to set the proper amount of support in each case.

Let Us Help You With Your Child Or Spousal Support Case

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